Shocking Moment Secret Service Surround Trump as Man Rushes Ohio Rally Stage

A man who tried rushing the stage was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic, according to Dayton police.

Disorder briefly reigned at another Trump rally and this time Secret Service agents came to the Republican candidate's aid.

At the event in Ohio on Saturday, agents briefly made a protective ring around Trump as a demonstrator attempted to rush the stage.

The startling occurrence came moments after the billionaire ordered a protester removed from the building and just a day after safety fears led his campaign to abruptly cancel a rally in Chicago.

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On Saturday, video shows Trump as he appears to become startled in the middle of his speech. He turns abruptly to the rear of the stage as agents appear and form a ring around him.

Security service just jumped up to surround Trump in Dayton

— Yoav Gonen (@yoavgonen) March 12, 2016

Ever the showman, Trump told attendees: " Thank you for the warning. I was ready for ’em, but it’s much better if the cops do it, don’t we agree?" though it wasn't clear what the warning was for or who it came from.

A campaign spokeswoman told NBC News a man at the Dayton, Ohio, event "attempted to breach the secure buffer and was removed rapidly and professionally."

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The man was charged with disorderly conduct and inducing panic, according to Dayton police.

Before his big scare, Trump told supporters that the previous day's cancellation was the result of a "very professionally done" ambush by his detractors.

"They were pouring into the arena," Trump said. "All of a sudden, a planned attack just came out of nowhere."

Supporters of Trump and demonstrators who say he's a racist agitator clashed following the abruptly canceled rally at University of Illinois at Chicago on Friday, leading to five arrests. Two police officers were also injured.

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