48 Hours Mystery to Air Exclusive Video of "Barefoot Bandit" Police Interrogation

48 Hours Mystery will be airing exclusive footage of the July police interrogation of Barefoot Bandit Colton Harris-Moore after his capture in the Bahamas. INSIDE EDITION reports.

48 Hours Mystery has exclusive video of the "Barefoot Bandit" himself, being interrogated by police just moments after his arrest in the Bahamas.

Colton Harris-Moore was as defiant as ever, smiling broadly, pinned to a chair at the police station, refusing to answer questions! His famous bare feet were in shackles.

In the video, airing on November 13th, the police ask Harris-Moore where he got his gun.

The weapon is pure Barefoot Bandit showmanship. It's a German-manufactured Walther PPK, James Bond's weapon of choice.

The Barefoot Bandit claimed he didn't remember where he got it, but then laughed. Even he couldn't take his answer seriously!

Harris-Moore was on the run from U.S. authorities for two years, a suspected notorious one-man crime wave that spread across eight states. He taunted police by leaving behind his hand drawn "Barefoot Bandit" footprints.

Even though he had never taken a flying lesson in his life, he flew to the Bahamas on a stolen plane, which he crash-landed in a swamp.

Surveillance footage shows him just before his arrest, running for his life on a dock in the Bahamas.

He was captured after a high-speed chase at sea.

The Barefoot Bandit is now back in Washington State, awaiting trial.