Dog Found Covered in Chemical Burns is Looking For a New Home

Staff are uncertain how he suffered the injuries.

A homeless dog that was covered in chemical burns when he was taken to a rescue center is on the road to recovery.

The pup, named Harrison, was taken to the Vet Ranch in Texas with burns across his face and tail. Staff are uncertain how he suffered the injuries.

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In a video of Harrison's recovery, Dr. Matt Carriker called him a "sad little pup" when he arrived.

"He has a little puppy spirit in him though," Dr. Matt added, "because he wants loving."

Doctors started treating him right away and he slowly began to recover from the burns and bacterial infections. After six weeks, he started to look much healthier.

"He's starting to look fluffy and hair is coming back," said Dr. Matt.

After three months, he had fur on his face again, but some of the burns were so deep that his face will always bear dark scars.

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"Let's say he's never going to win any beauty contests," Dr. Matt said. "You can see he is 10 times better than he was when we first got him, but that hair is just not going to grow in."

Harrison is now off to a foster home, where he will stay until a family is ready to adopt him. For more of Harrison's story, as well as information about how to adopt him, see Vet Ranch's video here.

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