Teacher Who Dropped 180 Pounds on 'Extreme Weight Loss' Dies Age 52

Rod Durham reportedly died of a diabetic shock.

Rod Durham, who wowed viewers on Extreme Weight Loss, has passed away, reportedly of diabetic shock.

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The 52-year-old teacher was vacationing in Fort Lauderdale, where he was found dead by a motel maid Sunday. He apparently died in his sleep, authorities said.

Students at the Tallahassee high school where he taught are in shock and grieving over their beloved teacher.

"He was like a second dad to me," said one student. "He had such an impact on my life I can only appreciate the times I did have with him. He made everyone feel like his favorite with that big grin on his face. It is going to be weird without him around." 

Rocky Hanna is the school's former principal. He told IE: "I was on my way to work yesterday and had to pull my car over and pull myself together. Rod was a wonderful man and beloved by everyone he came in contact with." 

The popular teacher went on the TV show in 2014, tipping the scales at 450 pounds. When he left the show he was 180 pounds lighter.

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Now people are wondering if Durham’s weight loss might have contributed to his death. IE spoke to Dr. Roshini Raj.

She said: “Diabetic shock means that blood sugars are really elevated and really out of control causing the organs to fail and this can happen to people with Type 1 diabetes. Losing 180 pounds in one year is extremely rapid weight loss and while you do want people who are very over weight to lose weight it can be unhealthy if it's happening too quickly.”

Durham graduated from the same high school he taught at. A memorial service is scheduled for next week. 

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