Driver Miraculously Survives Four-Story Plummet From Parking Garage

An Audi driver in Maryland somehow crashed through a parking garage wall and survived despite landing upside down four stories below.

A Maryland driver miraculously survived a plummet from the fourth floor of a parking garage.

Shocking photos from Baltimore County show an Audi Q5 after it crash landed upside down on the ground Monday. 

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Somehow, the woman behind the wheel walked away from the crumpled vehicle with only minor injuries.

The vicitm, who police say in her early 20s, was taken to an area hospital by emergency responders for treatment.

Photos from the scene show a concrete all missing from the garage.

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In the sidewalk below lays a slab of cement.

Authorities told the incident remained under investigation Tuesday afternoon and declined to comment on what may have led to the accident.

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