How To React If You're Being Tailgated

Don't hit the brakes.

If you're being tailgated by another car, you might be tempted to hit the brakes.

But Jennifer Stockburger of Consumer Reports magazine says don't even think about it.

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Stockburger is sharing her advice with INSIDE EDITION after a video emerged showing an SUV tailing another car on a Wisconsin highway. The driver in the front car touches his brakes, causing the SUV to swerve and veer out of control, eventually smashing into the grassy median.

"The tailgating was wrong but you should never use your vehicle for any sort of retaliation," Stocburger said. "He could just as easily have taken out the car next to him... It would be horrible to find out you were responsible for hurting someone else."

Stockburger says never touch the brake and don't drop your speed.

"That just drives them to really want to make an evasive maneuver around you," she said.

Instead, take the high road, she says.

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"Don't let them push you to go faster than you want to be going," she said. "Just let them ride there... When you have a safe opportunity to move over, you signal and just get out of their way, and let them go."

In the Wisconsin incident, the SUV driver was not hurt but received a citation.

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