Ruth Madoff May Get Her Bed Back After Auction

Bernie Madoff's possessions were auctioned off this weekend and one generous buyer paid $30,000 for the bedroom set which she intends to return to Ruth Madoff. INSIDE EDITON has the details.

It was a woman who bought Bernie Madoff's bed at auction this weekend. You'll never guess what she plans to do with.

Tally Wiener, a bankruptcy lawyer of all things, paid $30,000 for the kingsize four poster canopy bed and some other furniture. Now she wants to give the bed back to Ruth Madoff, the swindler's wife!

Wiener said, "I think I should like to give it back to Ruth. I would be happy to give her back her bed, if she wants it."

69-year-old Ruth Madoff was stripped of her assets when her husband was convicted of massive fraud. She was dubbed the most hated woman in America and even dyed her hair red to escape the spotlight.

She now lives in obscurity, possibly in Boca Raton, Florida, dependent on relatives for financial and emotional support.

"It might be an unpopular idea that Ruth is a victim, but I've always thought that she is," said Wiener.

The Madoff auction raised $2 million for his victims, with buyers paying way over market value for a lot of the items.

Slippers, embroidered with Bernie Madoff's initials, were sold for a whopping $6000.

Madoff's grand piano was valued at $7000. It sold for 6 times that, at $42,000.

Even Madoff's socks and boxer shorts made a killing, selling at $1,700.

The single most valuable item was Ruth's Madoff's 10.5 carat diamond engagement ring, sold for $550,000. We're pretty sure the buyer won't be giving that back to Ruth.