Dashcam Footage Shows Hero Cops Saving A Choking Child On The Side of The Road

The child is recovering well thanks to their actions.

Two Illinois police officers are being hailed as heroes after they came to the aid of a 19-month-old girl who was not breathing.

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Dashcam footage captured the rescue, which unfolded on the side of the road in Schaumburg on Thursday evening.

Schaumburg Police Officers Kevin O’Connor and Bryan Poradzisz responded after the child’s grandmother called 911 and said her granddaughter, Aureliana, was in respiratory distress.

The grandmother told the officers she was driving back to Chicago with her granddaughter in her car seat when the girl began struggling to breathe.

When the cops arrived, they found the child unresponsive and not breathing, according to reports.

They performed the Heimlich maneuver and CPR on the child, and learned that mucus or vomit appeared to be the cause of her choking. Poradzisz, a trained EMT, performed a finger sweep of her mouth to clear the area.

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Paramedics arrived and took Aureliana to the hospital and she made a full recovery.

It is still unknown what caused the child to aspirate.

In a press release from the Schaumburg Police Department, authorities said: "This incident highlights the dedication, talent, and focused calm under pressure displayed by the fine men and women in law enforcement each and every day."

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