Innocent Woman Pulled by Hair Out of Her Car by Police

INSIDE EDITION talks to a woman who was yanked from her car by her hair when police mistook her for someone else.

A dramatic high-speed police chase ends in a thunderous crash. Cops swarm the car with guns drawn as they arrest a husband and wife team who are suspected in a string of home invasions in Michigan.

The police yell, "Get the ___out of the car! Let's see your ____ hands!"

But minutes before the dramatic capture, these cops put an innocent woman through a living hell.

Michelle Selbee fights back tears as she speaks about the way two Kalamazoo County sheriff's
Deputies mistook her for a criminal.

Selbee told INSIDE EDITION, "He had a gun drawn on me."

The police officer yelled, "Get your ____ hands up!"

Selbee said back to the officer, "Take you hands off me!"

"I can't tell you how terrified I was," said Selbee.

Shots had been fired at the cops during the chase. Selbee heard the gunfire, and to be safe, backed her car into the nearest driveway. In the chaos of the chase, the cops came after her.

Selbee described the scene, saying, "I turned around. There's the police, right there, aimed at me with guns drawn. Screaming at me to get out of the car. I said, 'What are you doing?' The cop yelled, "Shut up!" I  couldn't get my hands up higher than they were. I absolutely terrified."

What happened next was shocking.

Selbee said, "He reached in and grabbed me by the pony tail and ripped me. Threw me out of the car and I rolled and rolled and rolled."

Selbee showed INSIDE EDITION a large section of hair that was ripped from her head!

Selbee said, "It was like the Incredible Hulk had me."

Selbee says she was facedown in the dirt when she was handcuffed, saying, "He had his gun pointed at the back of my head."

Then, Selbee's 14-year-old son Zach walks toward her.

Selbee said, "It's ok Zach. It's okay. ___ get off me, __ damn it!"

Suddenly, the cops realize their mistake and take off in pursuit of the real suspects, saying, "No, 'Ma'am are you okay? Ma'am do you need an ambulance. Ma'am we're sorry.' Nothing. Ripped the handcuffs off me and left me laying in the dirt," recalls Selbee.

Minutes later, they arrested Denise Lee Metzelburg and her husband, John Wesley Metzelburg.

Hysterical with fear and rage, Selbee called 911, saying, "Oh my god! The police just came over here and dragged me out of the car by my hair, and threw me on the ground, and stuck a knee in my back and hurt my arm!"

"There was absolutely no excuse for what they did to me," concludes Selbee.