Donald Trump Was Once a Broadway Producer On Short-Lived Show | Inside Edition

Donald Trump Was Once a Broadway Producer On Short-Lived Show

Writer Richard Seff told INSIDE EDITION 24-year-old Trump was "very sweet."

Long before Donald Trump became the GOP presidential frontrunner, he tried his hand  on Broadway.

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Back in 1970, Trump's name appeared on the marquee at The Brooke Atkinson's Theater. He wasn't singing or dancing, he was a producer and had his one and only credit on a Broadway show.

At the time he was fresh out of the University Of Pennsylvania and decided to invest $70,000 in a comedy called Paris Is Out, written by Richard Seff.

Seff said: “He seemed to like to be in the theater but I think he looked at it more like real estate, like a business venture, period. He was a very sweet young man at 24.”

Back then, orchestra seats cost just $6.50. Now they go for as much as $177.

The show got mixed reviews. The critic for The New York Times wrote, "I pitied it more than I disliked it."

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It closed after only 96 performances.

Trump's co-producer, David Black, had some good advice for the budding impresario, telling him to go into real estate.

If Trump ends up in The White House, Seff said: “I would have the honor and distinction of being the only person in history who ever had a play on Broadway produced by the president of the United States.”

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