Erin Andrews Makes First Appearance Since Winning $55 Million in Peeping Tom Case

The TV personality was full of gratitude as she spoke about the support she earned during her recent court case.

Erin Andrews appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and made her first TV appearance since winning $55 million in her peeping tom case earlier this month.

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Kimmel greeted the sportscaster and said: “I know you can’t talk about it but I just wanted to say I am happy you won.”

She said that her appearance was her coming out of hiding.

“I want to thank everybody there were so many people that actually reached out all over the world, really, were so supportive,” she said.

Andrews also brought up a popular segment that the late night TV host does, “Mean Tweets,” and said: “Mean tweets – they're just a dime a dozen... but there were so many nice people that have reached out."

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Earlier this month a Tennessee jury awarded Andrews $55 million.

Fifty-one percent of damages are to be paid by Michael Barrett, the man who admitted to videotaping her through the peep hole of her hotel room and then uploaded naked images of her to the internet in 2008.

The remaining money is to be paid by the Nashville Marriot after Andrews sued them also, alleging staff failed to protect her from the peeping tom.

Watch: Jury Awards Erin Andrews $55 Million For Being Filmed Naked in Hotel Room