New Mom Puts On Makeup During Labor and Gives Birth Looking Flawless

Now other expectant moms want Alaha Karimi to do their makeup in hospital, too.

When @MakeUpByAlaha went into labor, she knew she wanted her delivery to be as glamorous as the rest of her Instagram feed, so she decided to pull out her makeup kit, and "get to baking."

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Alaha Karimi, a makeup artist from New York, became internet famous after posting several pictures of herself doing her makeup while in labor, and looking absolutely 'on point' with her newborn baby.

And now she tells that other moms-to-be are requesting her services, so they can look just as flawless as she did in the delivery room.

After she shared the photos, her followers were instantly dumbfounded by how perfect she looked, despite being in labor for 10 hours.

"She didn't even sweat," one commenter wrote.

"I can't even do my eye liner straight and she has the perfect wing while having contractions," another wrote.

For Karimi, who's been a makeup artist for eight years, the makeover was the perfect way to get through the birth.

"Makeup and fashion are two of my biggest passions," she told "And after being in labor for over 10 hours, the only thing to help keep my mind off of the pain was to do something that I love to do."

She admitted: "My makeup bag was packed almost two months prior to my due date. I wanted to be sure I have it ready to go in the event that I went into labor early."

Even though many of her followers envied her look, some commenters questioned whether she did what was best for the baby.

Karimi told that some people called her vain and told her she would be a bad mother, but she dismissed these accusations, saying that she had nothing else to do while waiting for her baby to arrive.

"These comments are rude and uncalled for, especially since any one who knows anything about labor knows that labor is a waiting game," she said. "What better way to make the time pass by than doing something I love? It worked!"

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She added: "I only decided to do [my makeup] after receiving the green light from both my doctor and my nurses. There was one side effect -- looking glam in all my photos before, after, and during delivery!"

Her newborn daughter, Sofia Alaya Karimi, was born at 8 lbs, 30 oz, and is doing well.

And now, after all the publicity, other moms are requesting her services.

"I've had many saying they would like me to be on call for their due dates," she told "However, given the fact that I'm a mommy now, my schedule isn't as flexible as it once was so I told them I would try my absolute best to make it happen for them!"

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