Hillary Clinton Barks Like a Dog in Donald Trump's New Ad

His ad has even managed to offend the Russian government.

The latest Donald Trump ad features Hillary Clinton barking like a dog at a campaign rally.

The commercial also shows Russian President Vladimir Putin putting some fancy moves on a martial arts opponent and the Kremlin isn't happy about the ad.

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They released a statement saying: “We would like election processes to proceed without such allusions to our country."

Is Donald Trump a risk to the world economy?

According to a British think tank called The Economist Intelligence Unit, the GOP front runner is.

They give the billionaire a 12 out of 25 on their risk assessment scale. That's the same number they gave to Jihadi terrorism.

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As the outlook from the economists looks grim, a message was sent from above as a sign of things to come early this week when a bolt of lightning hit Chicago’s Trump Tower.

It was a dark and stormy night in Illinois just as the polls were closing on Super Tuesday and lightning smacked down on the real estate tycoon’s building.

Trump did end up winning Illinois despite the electrical storm from the heavens.

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