Watch Terrifying Moment Woman Catches Fire As She Drinks Flaming Shot

The woman is just the latest victim in the dangerous drinking trend.

A woman got the fright of a lifetime when she went up in flames as she downed a shot of liquor in what is being called a dangerous and growing trend. 

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The woman can be heard screaming as flames erupt as she attempted to down a shot of Sambuca that had been lit on fire, a video from inside the Moscow bar showed. 

Drinking flaming shots appears to be a growing menace in drinking environments, including on college campuses, as videos of people daring to drink the fiery concoctions continue to pop up on YouTube.

Gregg Lewis runs a bartending school in New York. He says flaming shots are supposed to be just for show and the flames should be extinguished before drinking.

“Flaming shots were designed to attract people to the bar. It looks cool. A blue flame in a dark bar really illuminates,” he said.

But if a customer gets burned, “the only thing you can possibly do is grab your soda gun and hose them down to try to put them out,” Lewis said.

“If you're drinking enjoy the cocktail— without the fire.”

Fire safety experts say drinking flaming shots is never a good idea.

Nassau County Fire Marshal Vince McManus told INSIDE EDITION: “There's absolutely no safe way to consume a flaming food or beverage.”

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He demonstrated on a dummy what happens if a flaming shot gets spilled, saying massive injuries are possible. 

“His clothes are saturated with alcohol. It is continually burning and it is continually damaging all that skin underneath," he said. "We are causing second and third degree burns right now."

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