Cops: Nun Caught on Surveillance Camera Stealing $23 Worth of Shampoo and Snacks

So much for 'Thou Shalt Not Steal.' Nun arrested for shoplifting $23 worth of shampoo and food, cops say.

Apparently the Eighth Commandment was not on her shopping list.

A nun was arrested in Pennsylvania after she allegedly stole $23 worth of snacks, shampoo, coffee and soap from a surplus store, according to Columbia County state police.

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A shopper told manager Zane Kishbach that a woman appeared to be secreting merchandise inside the Surplus Outlet. The customer said "I'm not sure what I'm seeing, but I think a woman is stealing," Kishbach told WNEP-TV Wednesday. 

Kishbach said the alleged thief was already outside in the parking lot, where he watched her drive away. He took down the license plate number, he said.

The car, police said, was registered to the Saints Cyril and Methodius Convent. The alleged shoplifter was identified by authorities as Agnes Pennino, 78.

The woman brought the store's red shopping bags in her purse, so she could put the stolen items inside, police said. She waited until someone entered the store and then ran out the entrance so she wouldn't have to walk past the checkout lines, police said.

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"I was shocked," Kishback said. "I couldn't believe it that a nun would do that."

The convent declined to comment.

The nun is charged with a summary offense, police said. In exchange for a guilty plea, she would have to pay a fine.

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