Doctor Faces Losing His License After Performing Vasectomy on the Wrong Man

Man supposed to have surgery to remove scar tissue gets a vasectomy instead.

A man known in court documents as Patient A went into surgery to get rid of scar tissue, but instead ended up losing something else. 

A series of mistakes led to a vasectomy being performed on the man, who was left "physically and emotionally traumatized," according to Britain's General Medical Council.

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Dr. Nanikram Vaswani faces losing his medical license after acknowledging there were blunders in surgical practices the day of the man's operation, the Liverpool Echo reported.

The surgeon admitted he failed to check the patient's identity, didn't follow surgical checklists prior to operating, and didn't review the man's medical notes.

A nurse also faces misconduct charges for allegedly not checking the patient's consent form and failing to colleagues that the list of names for surgery had been changed.

Part of the mixup was blamed on an overcrowded waiting room and patients who complained they had been waiting for hours only to see new arrivals ushered to surgery ahead of them, authorities said.

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To remedy the situation, the list of patients was reordered, but the operating staff was not informed of that. 

Vaswani, after releasing his mistake and informing the patient, then performed a reversal of the vasectomy the same day. According to medical board guidelines Vaswani should not have done the procedure because he not conducted that type of surgery for years.

It was not clear whether the reversal was successful.

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