Construction Worker Dies After Falling 53 Stories Off Skyscraper On Second Day of Work

The man plunged from the Los Angeles building and landed on a car below.

A man died during his second day of work on a construction site after he fell from the 53rd floor of a tower and landed on a passing car in downtown Los Angeles, officials said. 

In what the construction company is calling a "not work-related" incident, the worker plunged from the under-construction building, located in the 600 block of South Figueroa Street about noon Thursday, the Los Angeles Fire Department said

The man, who was working on the site as an electrician, fell 53 stories and landed on the back end of a car that was traveling on Wilshire Boulevard west of Figueroa Street, according to reports. 

He has not been identified.

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"Our hearts go out to the family of the deceased," Turner Construction Co. said in a statement. "We are also sending our deepest sympathies to our loyal and dedicated workers for whom today's tragedy is deeply saddening."

The woman driving the car the man landed on was evaluated by emergency responders, officials said. She was taken to a local hospital where she was in stable condition, KTLA-TV reported. 

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Authorities told the station that work on the skyscraper had been going on for about three years, with about 1,000 people employed at the site every day.

The 1,100-foot tall building had reportedly "topped out" at 73 stories four days before the incident. 

The 53rd floor does not yet have windows, but is outfitted with an eight-foot high "integrity fence," which is intended to keep anything from fallout out of the tower, the Los Angeles Times wrote

Safety nets have also been hung to catch falling objects, but the man fell from a floor below those, the Times reported. 

When the building, which will be used as a hotel and offices, is completed next year, it will be the tallest structure in Los Angeles - and the tallest west of the Mississippi.

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