Baby Seal Scoots Back Into Sea After 6 Months of Rehabilitation From Being Attacked

The Seacoast Science Center said they thought Pumpkin was attacked by a shark or coyote when they rescued her 6 months ago.

Pumpkin the harbor seal couldn't wait to dive right back into the water after being in a Connecticut rehabilitation unit for the last six months.

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She was seen hopping over the sand at the Blue Shutters Town Beach in Rhode Island, and heading toward the water in a video shot by Mystic Aquarium.

Pumpkin was rescued when she was only a few months old. The Seacoast Science Center noticed her on Crane Beach in Ipswich, Massachusetts, with a deep wound on her face.

Ashley Stokes, the center's marine mammal rescue coordinator, told that workers thought the seal may have been attacked by a shark or a coyote.

"This wound was so large, and her skin was literally ripped off her face," Stokes told "It wasn't likely to close up without infection."

The rescue team then brought the harbor seal to the Mystic Aquarium, where they nursed her back to health.

Stokes said that when they found Pumpkin, she weighed less than 33 pounds. In order for a seal to be released from rehabilitation, it has to be a minimum of 50 pounds and off medication for at least two weeks.

According to Stokes, Pumpkin may now weigh as much as 75 pounds.

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"She does still have scars around her face, but she's looking really healthy," Stokes said.

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