Former Yale Basketball Captain Accused of Rape Cheers on Former Teammates

Jack Montague's former teammates continue to support him despite accusations that led to him being expelled.

For the first time since 1962, Yale University’s basketball team is in the NCAA March Madness tournament. But on campus, some aren't celebrating because the team's former captain has been accused of rape.

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Twenty-two year old Jack Montague was sitting in the bleachers on Thursday night cheering his former teammates just a week after he was expelled from Yale following accusations that he raped a female student.

Montague denies the accusation. He says he and his accuser had a consensual relationship and says she didn't accuse him of rape until a year after they broke up.

His teammates continue to support him by wearing his number '4' with his nickname 'Gucci” on shirts.

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Outraged students hung signs around campus reading: 'Stop supporting a rapist'.

Many students IE ran into on campus don't want to talk about the controversy.

Police have not charged Montague with any crime.  The New Haven and Yale police departments have said “there were no complaints made against him."

In a statement to IE, Yale said: "Yale does not comment on specific cases of student discipline, out of respect for the privacy and confidentiality of all students involved in a disciplinary process. Yale’s procedures for addressing allegations of sexual misconduct are thorough and fair: The allegations are investigated by an impartial fact finder, heard by five trained members of the Yale community, and decided by the accused student’s dean. Throughout the process, all parties have advisors, which can be legal counsel, and they can appeal a decision.

Where cases involve judgments about the witnesses’ credibility, all of the available corroborating or contradictory information is carefully weighed to determine who is telling the truth.

One out of five formal sexual misconduct hearings ends without a finding against the accused, and, in two out of five cases, the accused student receives a reprimand or probation. Only about one out of 10 cases ends in expulsion, and the decision to expel a student is made only after the most careful consideration, based on the facts and, when appropriate, disciplinary history.”

To see Yale's full sexual misconduct procedures, click here.

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