Street Artist Painted a Road Runner Tunnel On A Wall, Someone Tried to Drive Through It

Meep! Meep! Wile E. Coyote still has not caught his bird.

A driver mistook a painted tunnel for a real one - and ended up smashing right into a wall.

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A Reddit user named “Miss Reb” posted photos showing the FIAT after the crash. She also shared the photos on Imgur.

While, the situation happened three months ago, it is just coming to surface now. The exact location has not been determined, though none of the cars photographed have American license plates.

The tunnel looked just like a Road Runner tunnel.

While the classic Looney Tunes cartoon always featured the Road Runner outsmarting Wile E. Coyote, in this recent sighting of the Road Runner, Wile E. was nowhere to be found.

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No word as to the condition of the driver but the FIAT did take a beating.

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