Strangers Donate $8,000 to Get 10-Week-Old Rescue Puppy a Lifesaving Surgery

A Muncie, Indiana Shih Tzu/Dachshund mix named Gracie can now get surgery to correct a life-threatening heart murmur.

Thousands of dog-lovers have likely saved the life of 10-week-old rescue puppy in Indiana.

Gracie, a shih tzu/dachshund mix, has a life-threatening heart murmur and must undergo surgery to correct it.

Unfortunately, the Animal Rescue Fund (ARF) in Muncie couldn't cover the $2,500 cost of the surgery.

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ARF created a Youcaring donation page in the hope that animal lovers might chip in to pay for the surgery. What happened next blew them away.

"This loving, tiny pup, who loves people, is curious, fun and will make a wonderful family pet must have this operation within the next six weeks if it is survive more than a year," the group wrote.

In just four days, they raised $8,000, far more than what's needed for Gracie's surgery.

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"We are overwhelmed with the outpouring of love for Gracie," ARF founder Vickie Bevans wrote Thursday.

Bevans said that any leftover funds will go toward helping other animals who needed costly treatment.

"This is going to be able to help so many cats and dogs on the ARF campus who have had to wait on funding issues.  Buddy(the dog) who lives in the catty shack, yes he's a little confused but his eyes need some help and now he can get it," she wrote.

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