Teens Miraculously Survive Plane Crash: We're Lucky to Be Alive

Christian Dell and Nicole Klusener were returning from spring break when they say there were engine problems.

Two teens are very lucky to be alive after their single engine plane crash-landed on the 14th hole of a golf course in Wichita, Kansas and they somehow walked away.

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Believe it or not, 17 year-old Christian Dell is a certified pilot. He and his girlfriend Nicole Klusener were flying from Nashville to Wichita after a spring break vacation.

"It is definitely nice to be alive," Dell told IE. "We both had concussions, couple lacerations. I had a broken nose and broken cheek bone."

She said: "I got a bruised shoulder and a bruised tailbone." 

It was a smooth two hour ride on a clear sky blue day until right before landing when he said the engine failed.

"The engine started sputtering and started losing altitude and the air speed was going down. It was like 'Oh boy, here we go,'" he said. 

Dell is being hailed a hero for keeping cool and avoiding homes and trees on his way down.

"It was nice to look over at Christian and see that he was calm and what his plan was going to be," she said. 

The drama was reported by emergency dispatchers and the teens walked away.

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"After I got out I just went around the grass," Klusener said. "I saw Christian, he is getting out and there was blood pouring out of his eye."

They were rushed to the hospital to make sure they had no serious injuries. Despite the crash, he still wants to get back in the sky. 

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