Bartenders Thank Amy Schumer For $1,000 Tip: 'It Was Something We'd Never Expect'

The comedian left the generous tip on a $77 bill.

Amy Schumer left a $1,000 tip on a $77 tab when she took in a showing of Hamilton on Broadway.

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Madeleine DeJohn and Sara Laursen are bartenders at the Richard Rogers Theater on Broadway, where the smash hit is playing.

“It was just amazing,” they told IE. “It was something we didn't ever expect.”

Schumer saw the show over the weekend with a group of people, including her boyfriend and sister. During the show, the group spent $77 at the bar, when the comic’s boyfriend went to close out the tab, he told the bartenders she would like them to have the $1,000 tip.

Laursen said: “I was so shocked. I think all the color just escaped my face.”

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Laursen posted a photo on Twitter of her and fellow bartenders posing with the bill.

DeJohn posted the receipt on Instagram.

Schumer worked as a bartender before she made it big.

After the show, she tweeted:

And since the ladies haven't had a chance to thank Schumer personally, they have a message for the star: “Thank you, Amy! You're amazing!”

Schumer also joked on Monday that she needs the money back.

Schumer posted about seeing the play on Instagram:

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