Family Says Beloved Wedding Ring Stolen From Dying 92-Year-Old Grandmother

Pauline Twohig was rushed to the hospital last week and her family says the ring she wore for 60 years was stolen in the hours before her death.

A New York family is up in arms after they say their 92-year-old mother's beloved wedding ring was stolen right off her finger as she lay dying.

Pauline Twohig was rushed to a Staten Island hospital this month after likely suffering a stroke. While fearing the worst, her children tried removing the family heirloom ring their late father had given her 60 years earlier.

"She never took it off," Twohig's son, Patrick Twohig, told 

Twohig said his mother was rushed to the hospital March 12. Family was with her most of the time through the following Monday.

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That's when Patrick got the call that his mother's condition had taken a turn. Family members rushed to the Richmond University Medical Center and that's when they say the ring had vanished.

Twohig said they called the nurse and hospital security and were asked if they wanted to file a report with the hospital.

"They didn't seem very concerned," said Twohig, who said he asked for a copy of the report that was ultimately filed but never received one. 

Twohig pressed on and was eventually met by the hospital's public safety official, who he said was "very helpful" and facilitated a police officer's visit to the hospital so they could give a police report in person.

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Police have confirmed to Inside Edition there is an open investigation into the matter. According to Patrick Twohig, investigators said they would speak with the nurses who were on duty but that no surveillance cameras were installed in the room. 

Pauline Twohig has since passed away. Now, one week later, Patrick Twohig said the family has yet to hear anything new.

A message left with the Richmond University Medical Center was not immediately returned Monday.

"The ring was very special to her," he said. "We were going to keep it in the family, you couldn't put a price on it. I hope somebody's conscious gets to them...I just want the ring back."

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