Is Kate Middleton the Next Princess Diana?

INSIDE EDITION takes a look at Prince William's fiancée, Kate Middleton and the legacy of his mother, Princess Diana.

The woman who has won the heart of Prince William is inevitably being compared with Diana, the people's Princess.

"I would love to have met her and she obviously is an inspirational woman to look up to," Kate said.

"No one has tried to fill my mother's shoes and what she did was fantastic," said Prince William.
Diana, dubbed "shy Di," was self-effacing when she became engaged to Prince Charles in 1981.

But there doesn't seem to be any question about Prince William and Kate's love for each other. It has endured for almost a decade.  

"This couple knows what they want in life. Diana had no idea. She was just swept up in the royal image" said Royal Expert Elaine Lipworth.

Princess Diana was hounded daily by the paparazzi and it took an emotional toll on her.

Kate has been hounded too. She was especially upset about a shot of her getting out of a car wearing fishnet tights.  

"It's going to be interesting to see whether Kate lives up to Diana in terms of fashion and style. Princess Diana was simply dazzling" Lipworth said.

Princess Diana was only 20 when she married Prince Charles - 13 years her senior. Kate is 28, and is actually 5 months older than William.

And while Britain's uptight royals insisted on finding a virgin for Charles to marry, William and Kate have lived together for years.

"Kate is very beautiful just as Diana was. She's kind, she's compassionate. She's a fascinating and very complex woman," Lipworth said.