Hear 911 Call Made By Former Cop Accused of Shooting Dead His Wife

Tom Fallis claims his wife shot herself but prosecutors say his 911 call was all an act.

An ex-jail deputy is now on trial for murder, four years after his wife’s death was initially deemed a suicide.

Tom Fallis, 38, is being portrayed by prosecutors as violently angry man who shot to death his wife, Ashley, after a New Year’s Eve party. The couple argued, and Fallis shot her because she was packing to leave, authorities said.

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Fallis called 911, hysterically screaming that his wife had shot herself. “My wife just shot herself in the head! Please help me! Please help me!” he shouted, according to a recording of his emergency phone call.

Authorities said Fallis was combative when questioned by police, yelling at investigators who said there were inconsistencies in his account of that night, according to a video of his interrogation.

“I didn’t shoot my wife!” he says.

“Tell me what happened, then,” says an investigator.

“I just told you!” he says.

Fallis also said that marks on his chest came from scratching himself after he shaved his torso.

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Nonetheless, police near Denver initially said the death was a suicide.

But Ashley’s parents, Jenna fox and Joel Raguindin, kept pressure on investigators to reopen the case.

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