Paralyzed Groom Dances With His Bride On Their Wedding Day Thanks to Spinal Implant

After 7 years of complete paralysis, Kent Stephen from Texas was able to stand to say his vows, and dance with his blushing bride at their wedding.

When Kent Stephenson, who was left paralyzed by a motorbike accident six years ago, took to the altar to recite his wedding vows, no one expected him to stand.

But with the help of a spinal implant and a special podium, the 28-year-old groom was able to welcome his bride, Misti Richeson, as she walked down the aisle on March 12.

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And that wasn't all. The Texas groom stood again to share his first dance with his new wife. 

"No one was prepared for the first dance," photographer Allix Ruby told "First dances are always special but this couple doesn't take anything for granted. There was lots of crying... It was a really, really beautiful moment."

The couple grinned as they moved to Dylan Scott's rendition of "Thinking Out Loud." Stephenson was able to spin his wife around on the special stand, which was made to turn.

"Kent was just smiling so big," Ruby added. "His face was priceless."

The former Pro-Am Motorcross racer was told "there was no hope" that he would regain mobility after a motorcycle accident in 2009, he said in an interview about his recovery. He was left paralyzed from the waist down.

Stephenson was invited to take part in an experimental procedure in 2012, according to ABC News. The surgery would allow him to regain feeling and some control of his body. After surgery, the doctors asked him to move his leg, and suddenly, "I felt a connection go down my leg, and my leg just pulled up," he said.

During his wedding ceremony, he hoisted himself on a podium with the help of a friend, so he could stand and watch his blushing bride walked down the aisle.

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Video by Candlelight Films shows the incredible moment.

The newlyweds are now enjoying their honeymoon in Antigua.

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