Bristol Palin Shows her Sexy Side on DWTS

The competition narrows down and things heat up on Dancing With the Stars as the contestants show their sexy sides in the latest dance. INSIDE EDITION reports from backstage.

Bristol Palin came out of her shell dancing her most provocative dance yet in a sexy black dress.

Bristol danced to Britney Spears' "Gimme More," and lifted her cape to reveal her knee high black boots. Her sexy Paso Doble got her a standing ovation. Her mom, dad and kid sister Willow were in the audience to see her get her highest scores yet and lots of praise from the judges.

"This is what we've been asking for all season long, for you to come out and nail it," said Judge Carrie Ann Inaba.

For her second dance, a waltz, Bristol entered the dance floor in a hood and her music choice was definitely a first for the show!  It's a classical piece from Mel Gibson's controversial film The Passion of the Christ.

Bristol's mom actually gave away her daughter's interesting music choice with this tweet before the show:

Sarah's Tea Party supporters are going all out in backing Bristol. Check out this website,  Conservatives4Palin, which lays out exactly how to vote for Bristol saying, "you get to vote several different times, several different ways.  Use all your options for Bristol."

Politics aside, Bristol says it's her hard work that has gotten her this far.

"I feel like some of the other dancers don't think I deserve to be here but I know I deserve to be here and America is voting for us," Bristol said.

And Bristol is in for some tough competition to get to the finale. Jennifer Grey got perfect scores for both her dances and Brandy also got a perfect score…making this one of the tightest competitions ever!