Chimpanzees That Were Filmed Holding Hands Are Now Seen Kissing On The Lips

Jeannie and Terry from Save the Chimps in Florida have now moved on to smooching, after being caught on camera holding hands and becoming fast friends.

What started as friendly hand-holding has rapidly become a full blown romance for these two chimpanzees, smooching and all.

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Earlier this month, Jeannie and Terry were photographed holding hands at an indoor facility in Florida before walking back to a 3-acre outdoor island together, still hand-in-hand.

Now, it appears the two chimpanzees are moving on to first base.

Save The Chimps caught the two friends kissing as they groomed each other in the temporary indoor facility. According to Mika Roberts, a representative from Save the Chimps, Terry can be seen sitting calmly as Jeannie lays gentle kisses on the older chimp's lips.

In another video, Terry can be seen lying down before he reaches up to kiss his female companion, Roberts said.

Executive Director at Save the Chimps Molly Polidoroff told earlier this month that caregivers can often interpret a chimpanzee's action based on similar human emotions because chimpanzees and humans share a 98 percent DNA match.

Polidoroff said it was likely the hand-holding could be interpreted as "pure affection," especially since it was Jeannie and Terry's first time meeting, and chimpanzees can be aggressive when they are first introduced.

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Polidoroff also said the Florida sanctuary places emphasis on companionship and interaction between the chimps after rescues from zoos or bio-medical research labs.

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