Cat Steals 11 Pairs of Men's Underwear, 50 Pairs of Socks

Thankfully, all the undergarments are clean.

A New Zealand house cat has been caught bringing home a variety of men's undergarments, none of which belong to the owner.

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Owner Sarah Nathan said Brigit the Tonkinese cat first started bringing home the underwear about two months ago.

Since then, the BBC reported the cat has brought home 11 pairs of underwear and over 50 pairs of socks, all, thankfully, clean.

"We tend to dry our washing outside in New Zealand," Nathan told "We don't use clothes dryers so much except in winter."

In an appeal to try and find the owner of the missing skivvies, Nathan posted the image to her Facebook, garnering over 1,800 likes.

She also told the BBC that she has begun distributing flyers to people who live on her street.

"No one has come forward yet, which I find very strange," Nathan said to

If the rightful owners do not come forward, she said she will consider giving the washed underwear to charity, "if they want it."

Nathan also reported that the 6-year-old cat has had thieving habits in the past.

"In our previous house, we had the same problem," Nathan said. "I put it on Facebook and a neighbor from three houses down contacted us."

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She said in the previous case, her cat had stolen kid's clothes, swimwear, sweaters, sports equipment, ladies underwear, and toys.

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