Police Intervene in Brawl Between Two Eagles That Were 'Literally Locked Together'

Deputy Chief of Police Jared Mills said never in his 18 year career had his team been called in to separate an "eagle street fight."

Breaking up fights might be a day-to-day activity for some cops but getting in between these dueling eagles was a first, at least for this Maine police department.

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Officers from Augusta, Maine, were called to the scene after bystanders noticed a pair of bald eagles on the ground, fighting. When they arrived to the scene, they were joined by the Maine Warden Service, who specialize in working with wildlife.

Deputy Chief of Police Jared Mills told InsideEdition.com that the officers noticed "their talons were locked, and that's what was holding them together."

While the situation was safe and contained, Mills added that it is especially dangerous when eagles fight with their talons.

Animal Control Officer Francois Roodman from the police department, and Warden David Ross decided then that the best course of action was to place blankets over the eagles, and attempt to separate their locked talons by hand. The officers believed that the blanket would help keep the eagles calm.


Officers were seen on camera preparing to cover the eagles, but Mills said the birds of prey separated on their own before the officers intervened, and flew away. While they haven't been seen since, Mills assumed the eagles are still living in the area.

"It's common for [eagles] to fight over territory," Mills said to IE.com, speculating the reason for the fight.

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Mills said the area is home to many eagles that are seen on a regular basis, but never in his 18 year career had his team been called in to separate an "eagle street fight."

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