Actor Who Played O.J. in Forgotten 1995 Movie Recalls Their Cold Encounter

Bobby Hosea says people believed he was a mean person following the role.

Actor Bobby Hosea played O.J. Simpson in 1995 for a Fox TV movie called The O.J. Simpson Story, and now he says he can’t get any work because of the film.

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After his vivid portrayal of Simpson, Hosea’s acting career stalled, he thinks because his portrayal of Simpson was just too real.

Hosea looks very similar to Simpson and when the movie was broadcast 21 years ago, just as the trial of the century was getting underway, it was a big hit. The film also starred an unknown Terrence Howard as A.C. Cowlings. 

“It was one of the highest ratings for a movie of the week ever,” he said.

The actor has his own experience of Simpson’s volatile personality. He acted with him four years before the murders in an HBO sitcom called 1st and 10.

"I said: ‘Hey Juice, I’m working with you today,’" Hosea said. "He looks me up and down and he never says another word to me."

While the Fox made-for-TV movie may be long forgotten, it showcased more of Simpson’s temper more than FX’s widely popular The People V. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story.

In one scene of The O.J. Simpson Story, Simpson punches Nicole in the face. The scene is still hard for Hosea to watch.

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When IE showed him the scene again, he turned away and said it was difficult to view because “it really happened.”

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