Girl, 12, Charged With Battery After Pinching A Boy's Butt At School

Breana Evans, 12, said in an interview that this was part of a game she often played with her friends.

A 12-year-old Florida girl was arrested after pinching the butt of a male student. 

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Breana Evans said in an interview with WKMG that pinching another student's bum and watching their reaction was a game she often played with her friends, but did not realize its severity.

"I regret it. I didn't know it'll lead to this," Evans said.

The incident happened two weeks ago at Milwee Middle School. According to WKMG, the boy did not want to press charges, but his mother later decided to do so.

Evans was suspended by the school as punishment.

Evans did not know the boy.

Ray Evans, the girl's father, said he thought the boy's parents were being "overprotective".

"What's this world come to?" he said. "Kids can't even be kids."

He said the deputy who came to arrest his daughter said, "I don't even want to do this, but I have to do what I have to do."

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The girl faces misdemeanor battery charges, but WKMG reported that if Evans followed through with a diversion program, and participates in all the classes and community service, and passes all the drug tests, charges will be dropped and her record will be cleared.

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