News Anchor Who Was Raped 30 Years Ago Makes Plea to Keep Attacker Behind Bars

Maureen O'Boyle, who was raped in 1986, recently learned her rapist is up for parole.

A television journalist who was raped 30 years ago is pleading with parole officials to not release her attacker.

WBTV anchor Maureen O’Boyle, 52, was sexually assaulted by James Starling in 1986. The man had been stalking her and had broken into her home while she was sleeping, she said. She awoke to find him straddling her, naked, and pressing a knife against her throat.

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The Charlotte, North Carolina, news reporter has posted a video describing her shock at learning Starling could be eligible for parole in April. He was sentenced to 50 years in prison, Boyle said, and she wants him to spend every day of that punishment.

She has started a petition to keep Starling behind bars in Georgia, where he is imprisoned.  Starling, she said, “should not be let loose on society, when there is no chance his deep-seated criminal behavior has been cured or can be fixed.”

The State Board of Pardons and Paroles said Starling has been denied parole 10 times, according to WMAZ-TV in Georgia. By law, the board must review an inmate’s case each time a convict becomes eligible for parole consideration.

O’Boyle’s attacker repeatedly raped her and forced her to pose for pornographic photos in lingerie he brought to her house. He also put a pillowcase over her head and said he would chop her into pieces if she didn’t do as he said.

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The newscaster, who anchored “A Current Affair” in the 1990s, said she was watching Lady Gaga’s Oscar ceremony performance with her daughter when her daughter asked how old her rapist  would be now. O’Boyle did a Google search, she said, and was stunned to see that Starling had a potential parole review coming up.

"My daughter, your daughters and granddaughters deserve to wake up every day knowing justice is being served because James Starling is serving his full sentence. Protect women. Don't let this rapist and monster free. I beg you. Most sincerely, Maureen O'Boyle."      

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