Beagle Sets Her Second World Record, This Time For Being The Fastest Dog on a Ball

Purin the beagle holds her first Guinness World Record for catching the most balls with her paws.

Just in time for National Puppy Day, Purin has been awarded her second Guinness World Record title, this time for being the fastest ever dog on a ball.

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To win the title, the beagle, who hails from Japan, traveled 10 meters by running on top of a ball. It took her just 11.9 seconds.

But the speedy win was not the first world record for this 9-year-old beagle. Purin made headlines last year for her goal keeping skills and also holds the record for most balls caught by a dog.

Purin caught 14 balls in the one-minute allotment as she stood on her back legs.

"Justin Bieber is the youngest artist ever to achieve five #1 albums… but can he run 10m on a Swiss ball?” Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday asked rhetorically in an article

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Purin's owner wrote on her Facebook page that she started learning tricks in 2008 and has currently mastered more than 100. She has been in Japanese commercials and started gaining attention when her owner began posting their training sessions on YouTube.

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