Woman Jailed For Posing as a Man to Have Sex With 3 Girls

Jennifer Staines, 23, contacted her victims through social media.

A British woman accused of posing as a man to trick teenage girls into have sex has been jailed for more than three years.

Jennifer Staines, 23, sobbed as she appeared in Bristol Crown Court and admitted sexual assault charges, the Bristol Post reported.

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Staines reportedly contacted three girls on social media, using the name "Jason Spiller." Two of the girls were between the ages of 13 and 17

But her five-year-long plot was uncovered when one victim's mother suspected a social media profile was fake and contacted police.

Police found Staines had used a rubber penis during some of the sexual assaults, the Bristol Post reported.

One of the girls reportedly said that sex always happened in the dark and "didn't feel right." She later went to the doctor, concerned that she might be pregnant, the paper reported.

Another victim's family was adamant that "Jason" was female, but the girl told them it was not true.

"Jason" never undressed in front of the girls and told them he wore a chest bandage to cover stabbing scars, the court heard.


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After the sentencing, Detective Constable Nadine Partridge of the Avon and Somerset Police said: "Her actions were driven by her own selfish desires and although her victims 'consented' to sexual activity with her, they were deceived about the true nature of what they were engaging in."

She added that one of the victims was still struggling to comprehend that she'd been in a relationship with a woman, rather than a man.

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