Kate Middleton in the Spotlight

She has long been on the public radar for dating Prince William, but as the future Queen of England, Kate Middleton will now always be in the spotlight. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Kate Middleton was raised in a four-bedroom cottage in a village outside London, modest compared with the palaces she'll live in one day.

Her parents are self-made millionaires and until recently Middleton worked for the family business, Party Pieces, selling party supplies.

"I think they're a great family. They've worked hard and made the best of their chances in life," says royal biographer Andrew Morton.

There are reports that the Queen was dismayed when Middleton's mom chewed gum and used the word "toilet" instead of "bathroom."

"The chewing gum was actually a gum to try and help her to stop smoking. There's still an awful lot of snobbery in Britain which you don't get as much in America," says Morton.

Middleton is naturally being compared with Princess Diana, but she is a very different woman.

Diana biographer Tina Brown writes on thedailybeast.com:

"Diana's shy virginity concealed a time bomb - her wounded, insatiable, need for love. There is nothing wounded about Kate."

But Middleton will be under pressure to become, like Diana, the People's Princess.

"Diana didn't earn the title People's Princess just by sitting on a cushion and sipping tea. She reached out to people, that's why people reached out to her. Kate, she's got to learn the ropes," says Morton.