Family of Kentucky Couple Missing in Brussels Were Mistakenly Told They'd Been Found

The mother of Stephanie Shults is speaking out.

A married couple from Kentucky is still missing following the Brussels massacre.  

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The family of Justin and Stephanie Shults is outraged that a Belgian social worker told them they'd been found at a hospital in Brussels. They learned two hours later that the information was incorrect.

"I am disgusted that the information given to us wasn't 100 per cent correct," Justin's brother Levi Sutton wrote on Twitter Wednesday.

Justin Shults' mother told CBS: "I have been hoping that my phone would ring and Justin or Stephanie would be on the other end to tell me that they were okay and for me not to worry, that they were fine. That call didn’t come."

Stephanie and Justin Shults moved to Belgium in 2014 and were at the tail end of a visit from Stephanie's mom, Carolyn, when a tearful goodbye at the airport took a tragic turn.

Stephanie’s uncle, Larry Newson, spoke to on Wednesday about his missing relatives.

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“Carolyn was on her way home, they waved goodbye and then the bomb went off,” he said.

While Stephanie's mother is now safe at a Brussels hotel, her daughter and son-in-law remain missing and their phones are both going straight to voicemail.

"They're not on any of the [victims] lists," Newson said.

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