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Dashcam Footage Captures Deputies Rescuing Woman From Fiery Car Crash

The woman's car immediately burst into flames after colliding with a septic tanker.

Two Florida deputies are being commended for their acts of heroism after dashcam footage captured them reaching into a flaming car to pull out a trapped woman.

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Deputy Robert Sunkel, left, and Deputy Linda Nolan, right. (Courtesy of Indian River Sheriff's Office)

The woman's sedan collided with a septic tanker and a flatbed truck on Wednesday morning, cops say. The smaller car and the septic truck immediately caught fire, and within moments, flames erupted on the scene.

According to the Indian River County Sheriff's Office, Deputy Robert Sunkel was the first to arrive on scene. In the dashcam footage, Deputy Sunkel can be seen breaking the car window with a baton, and attempting to reach the woman in the car.

The Indian River County Sheriff's Office reported that the woman was trapped in the vehicle between the seatbelt, the steering wheel and the airbag. Deputy Sunkel was unable to free her.

Deputy Linda Nolan soon arrived on scene with a fire extinguisher that proved to be of little use.

So instead, the two deputies reached into the flaming car, and pulled the woman to safety.

The woman was then airlifted from the scene and is in critical condition, authorities said.

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Deputy Nolan sustained second degree burns to her right hand. She was treated on the scene as well as at Indian River Medical Center. She took the following day off duty as a result of the injuries, the sheriff's office said.

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