Cops: Kangaroo Seen Hopping Around Small Iowa Town

The Norwalk Police Department said it is not illegal to keep a kangaroo as a house pet.

Iowa cops received calls on Tuesday night reporting a kangaroo seen hopping around town.

"I wasn't really sure if it was a kangaroo or a prank call," Officer Greg Bryant form the Norwalk Police Department said at a press conference.

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Sure enough, the stray taking a midnight stroll was indeed a red kangaroo.

When officers arrived to the scene around 10:30 p.m., they cornered the animal in an alley and trapped it in "dog kennel" they found nearby, according to KCCI.

Bryant said the kangaroo was kept in a plastic crate with straw or hay, but he "got out of there, and was exploring the town."

The kangaroo's owner had been trying to sell the animal on Craigslist for $4,500, Chief Greg Staples told He had bought the kangaroo at an exotic animal show, but soon realized he was not able to accommodate the animal as he trained it.

According to the Craigslist ad, the kangaroo is 7 months old, and has been partially tamed.

Original Craigslist posting, advertising the sale of loose kangaroo. (Courtesy of Craigslist)

After the great escape, cops contacted the Department of Natural Resources, where the kangaroo will remain until it is moved to a Nebraska buyer's farm this weekend, KCCI reported.

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The Norwalk Police Department confirmed that while dangerous animals are illegal as pets, a kangaroo was not listed as a dangerous animal, and was therefore allowed to be kept in the Norwalk home.

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