Madonna Accused of Posting Fake 'No Parking' Signs Outside Her Manhattan Home

The star's neighbors suspected something was fishy about the signs and called the city.

Madonna has been accused of contributing to the already hellish parking situation on Manhattan's Upper East Side, taking matters into her own hands to carve out spots in front of her swanky pad.

“The Material Girl” is alleged to have improperly plastered "no parking" signs outside her $40 million palatial townhouse and turning her street into her own private parking lot – which is not allowed.

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A staffer on Madonna’s team allegedly carved the words “No Parking" right into the sidewalk.

The singer’s building reportedly took up four spaces— adding to selection of spots she has inside her private garage.

Madonna’s neighbors noticed all those "No Parking" signs and the threat of being towed away and thought something was fishy. They called the city and the signs were ordered to come down immediately.

A spokesperson for Madonna has said everything is up to code. 

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The “Ray of Light” singer recently wrapped her “Rebel Heart World Tour,” performing the show's last concert in Australia over the weekend.

It has been confirmed that she is the highest-grossing solo touring artist of all time, surpassing Bruce Springsteen.

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