Gawker Founder is Unapologetic About Hulk Hogan Sex Tape: 'I Still Believe It Was a Good Story'

Nick Denton told INSIDE EDITION he still believes the story should've been shared.

Gawker Founder Nick Denton insists it will not be going out of business, despite the historic $140 million judgement against it after losing the sex tape case against Hulk Hogan.

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He spoke to INSIDE EDITION’s Les Trent about the case.

"I still believe it was a good story that needed to be told," Denton said. "The number is extraordinary and it will be reversed or radically reduced on appeals." 

Denton discussed the figures of Hulk's pending payday, saying Hogan was awarded "$60 million for emotional distress, that is because he teared up on the Kathie Lee show." 

Trent asked Denton about the headline-making moment during the deposition from Gawker's former editor when Hogan’s lawyer asked: “Can you imagine a situation where a celebrity sex tape would not be newsworthy?”

The editor said in a taped deposition that the tape would not be newsworthy "if they were a child" that was "under four." 

Trent asked Denton if that was a mistake.

"A New York editor's sense of humor, a sarcastic remark, a flip remark, at the end of the day of hard questioning did us no favors," he said. 

Good Morning America interviewed the six Hogan jurors. They had some advice for Denton.

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"Don't demean yourself by going for the vulgar, the lewd and the trashy. Stick to the newsworthy," said one of the jurors.

Denton told IE: "A provocative New York media company is not going to win a popularity contest in downtown Tampa, Florida, against the local celebrity.

"A lot of people like celebrity gossip, they find celebrity gossip fascinating and they find the topics interesting. Few of them are willing to put their hands up and say this is the kind of story that should be defended by the First Amendment, and we all know that is true." 

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