Kids Give Advice on How to Approach Someone at a Bar

"You should maybe bring a friend," one girl answered.

When it comes to dating advice, these kids prove that you don't have to be old to be wise.

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YouTube personality David Keystone is looking for guidance on how to approach someone at a bar, so he enlists the help of kids in his latest video.

"You've got to breathe a lot of times," the first boy said. "It really helps."

"You should bring a friend," a girl says nervously.

"Get drunk!" another replied. Keystone asked the boy's age in response. The boy does not answer, and returns to coloring.

In another scene, a boy joins Keystone on a pier and critiques his execution: "It was decent, but you could do better."

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Canoodle Content, a popular YouTube channel, are known for their series, Kids On, where Keystone asks candid kids for their advice on love, relationships and everything in between.

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