Fairy Godmother Gives Comfort To Grieving Mom Carrying Her Daughter's Ashes in Teddy Bear

A grieving mother brought a teddy bear containing ashes of her newborn to Disney World, not realizing how magical a fairy godmother could make her feel.

This fairy godmother might have been a Disney actor in costume, but she truly made a grieving mother's dreams come true.

Janice Murphy was carrying a teddy bear at Disney World when the fairy godmother approached her and her husband and asked: "Who do we have here?"

"My daughter," Murphy responded. "She passed away and I have her ashes inside the bear."

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Murphy and her husband, Stefan, had held their daughter, Analiese, for just 85 minutes before she passed away in early February. When Murphy was 21 weeks pregnant, they found out their baby would be born with a rare genetic abnormality.

"Analiese was born quickly, and came out breathing," Murphy told InsideEdition.com. "She didn't cry, but had a soft squeak that let us know she was with us. Stefan and I just held her between us and cried."

Little over than an hour later, their daughter passed away.

Before Analiese's birth, Murphy had attended sessions with a grief counselor, who suggested different ways to hold onto the memory of their daughter. One of those was to seal her ashes in a bag, and sew the bag into a teddy bear.

They also recorded their daughter's heartbeat on a Build-A-Bear sound recorder, which was also placed inside the bear.

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"I keep the bear with me at all times," Murphy said, noting that in addition to taking the bear to restaurants and grocery stores, she and her husband take turns sleeping with the bear. "Taking her with me into the Magic Kingdom was something I didn't think twice about."

After Murphy introduced the bear to the fairy godmother, the woman asked if she could hold the bear.

"[The fairy godmother] proceeded to love on her the same way she would on any child," Murphy told IE.com.

She even signed her autograph to "Sweet Analiese."

"The fact that she treated my daughter as though she was alive and standing there with us meant the world to me." Murphy said. "She showed me that my story mattered to her."

Murphy added that she would like to know who the woman is, but won't ask Disney for her name because she knows the park goes to great lengths to keep their performers' identities a secret. "So I am reining in my curiosity," she said.

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For now she is committed to keeping the memory of her daughter alive.

In an interview with WKMG, Murphy said she continues to refer to her baby in present tense: "Everyone says 'was' -- she was beautiful, she was strong. But it's not past tense for me, it's present."

Murphy continues to write letters to Analiese, and publishes them on her blog.

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