Garry Shandling Spoke About His Own Funeral On Comedy Show 2 Months Ago

The comedian, who passed away on Thursday at the age of 66, appeared in an episode of 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee' in January.

During Garry Shandling’s now haunting last comedy gig, he spoke about his failing health and funeral.

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The comedian, who passed away on Thursday at the age of 66, appeared in an episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee in January.

"It turns out I have a hyperparathyroidism gland that was undiagnosed because the symptoms mirror the symptoms an older Jewish man would have – lethargic, puffy heavy. You feel like you want a divorce even if you're not married," he told Jerry Seinfeld while on the show.

He also spoke about the prospect of his own death, saying: “What I want at my funeral is for an actual boxing referee to do a count and at five just wave it off and say he's not getting up!”

The day before his death, the comedian reportedly complained of shortness of breath and pain. He was told to go to an emergency room if he was still in pain next day.

On Thursday afternoon, he called 911 but was already unconscious when paramedics reached his home in Los Angeles and had to break in.

Shandling was one of the nation's most believed comics. He was a regular on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and filled in many times for the iconic host.

He was once looked on as a potential successor to Carson but instead he made a different kind of TV history.

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He created The Larry Sanders Show, which ran for six seasons on HBO. He played a narcissistic talk show host with a cast of dysfunctional sidekicks.

On Thursday, late night comics took time to pay their respects to the beloved comedian.

“There was some very sad news in the world of comedy, in the world in general. Garry Shandling passed away today,” Seth Meyers said on Late Night. “Garry Shandling was a legendary comedian.”

Conan O’Brien said Shandling helped him out after he lost his job on The Tonight Show in 2010. 

“He really did care about other people. During a particularly difficult time in my life Garry, as fate would have it, just magically appeared and he helped me a lot and that is what I have been thinking about these last couple of hours,” O’Brien said.

Trevor Noah dedicated his “Moment of Zen” at the end of Thursday’s Daily Show to Shandling.