Princess Diana's Advice to Prince William Before Her Tragic Death

Princess Diana taught Prince William some important life lessons in their short time together. Now it seems he's taken one of her lessons to heart.  INSIDE EDITION has the details.  

Even after all these years, it's heartbreaking to see how close Princess Diana was with her sons, especially William.

"William was really her confidante. He was fifteen when she died, but in his early teens, he had a lot of wisdom and compassion for his mom," said Elaine, a friend to the royal family.

Diana worried about William and life in the glare of the spotlight, as she confessed in a heartbreaking audiotape, saying, "Think how William always keeps his head low. They see my tears. What do you think William feels like?"

On a ski trip, she shielded her boys from the paparazzi, telling a photographer, "Could I ask you to respect my children's space?"

She tried to give William and Harry a normal life, taking a log ride with them at an amusement park, and taking a trip to Niagara Falls.

Their time together was short, but on the important things, Diana took William by the hand, literally and figuratively.

And when the time came for William to choose a partner for life, he remembered what his mother told him.

Elaine recalls, "Princess Diana said to William, 'Marry your best friend.' Brilliant advice, and advice that William took it to heart."