Woman Says Donald Trump Left Her With the Bill on Their 'Nightmare' Date in the 70s | Inside Edition

Woman Says Donald Trump Left Her With the Bill on Their 'Nightmare' Date in the 70s

She wrote: "Should he get to the White House, I would love to be paid back with interest."

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has a lot of money, but a long-time New Yorker recalls knowing him as nothing but an "awful date" and a "cash-less heir."

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In a piece entitled "My awful date with Donald Trump: The real story of a nightmare evening with a callow but cash-less heir," published on Salon, Lucy Klebanow recounts their brief encounter in the 70s. She was 23 when she first met Trump, and he was in his late 20s. They both lived on the Upper East Side, and frequented the same bar, until Trump approached her, asked for her number, and invited her to dinner.

When her doorman told her that her date had arrived, she was "expecting to see a guy standing out front with his hands in his pockets looking sheepish," she wrote.

"Instead, there was no one," Klebanow continued. "Just a white Cadillac convertible. My date leaned over and said, 'Hop in.'"

She was not impressed. "A Cadillac wouldn't do it, but if he got out of the car, and opened the door for me, then I would be impressed."

She wrote that she was confused -- no one had ever picked her up in a car "except to go to the airport," but she hopped in anyway, and was met with a cherry red interior, and a phone, which her date used to make a reservation at Peter Luger's.

"He was nice looking," She recalled. "Not handsome."

The only thing she recalls from the actual date was that Trump was "not a conversationalist."

But the worst came with the check.

"The restaurant didn't take credit cards," Klebanow wrote. "My big shot, Cadillac, phone-in-convertible boring date couldn't pay for dinner."

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In the end, she picked up the tab with emergency cash she had stashed away in case the date went badly and she had to pay for a cab home.

"He swore he'd pay me back tomorrow," She said. "He never did."

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