Trump Told Oprah in 1988 Interview: Ivana Does Exactly As I Tell Her

Trump's questionable attitude towards women may stretch back decades.

Donald Trump's controversial comments towards women go back decades. In an interview with first wife, Ivana, they sat down with Oprah in 1988.

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“We get along very well and there's not a lot of disagreement because ultimately Ivana does exactly as I tell her to do,” he said. 

As the audience laughed, Ivana then called him a “male chauvinist.”

Oprah then asked her: “He's not a chauvinist, is he?”

“Oh, he's the worst,” she replied.

Ivana Trump now says she supports her ex's run for the White House and current wife, Melania, says Donald is not a chauvinist.

Melania told MSNBC earlier this year: "He treats women the same as men."

An NBC / Wall Street Journal poll reveals that 47 percent of Republican women “could not imagine themselves voting for Trump.

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An estimated 75 percent of women have an unfavorable opinion of him, according to a Washington Post poll.

Trump says he's misunderstood.

During a rally in October, he said: "I respect women incredibly. I had a woman in charge of building Trump Towers and she did a fantastic job."

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