Watch A Red Panda, Koala And Meerkat Discover Easter Eggs Hidden At Zoo

The Symbio Zoo in Australia invited their furry friends to hunt for colored eggs as a part of their Easter festivities.

When the Symbio Zoo hosted their annual Easter egg hunt, the animals were the first to come out and play.

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In the most festive animal compilation yet, the Symbio Wildlife Park in Sydney, Australia captured some of their beloved animals discovering baskets of colored eggs, and not quite knowing what to do with them.

Imogen the koala can be seen chewing at the eucalyptus leaves surrounding the wrapped chocolate eggs.

The meerkats dig through the false hay in the basket beneath the dyed eggs.

Pabu the red panda chews on the basket until he finds something to really snack on.

Another furry favorite can be seen chasing a colored egg off an edge as it knocks the basket to its side.

Various birds can also be seen perched upon the eggs, almost as if they were saying, "we found them."

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Whether the animals really grasp what the holiday is about, they seem to have enjoyed themselves anyway.

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