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Former Ted Cruz Staffer Slams 'Trash' Report That They Had An Affair

A published report accuses Ted Cruz of having five mistresses.

As if the presidential race could not get any nastier, Ted Cruz seethed with anger when he was asked on Friday about a National Enquirer story claiming he has had five mistresses.

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He said at a press conference: “Let me be clear, this National Enquirer story is garbage! It is complete and utter lies, it is a tabloid smear. It is a smear that has come from Donald Trump and his henchmen.”

Cruz also denounced the claims made by the Enquirer on his Facebook page:


I want to be crystal clear: these attacks are garbage. For Donald J. Trump to enlist his friends at the National...

Posted by Ted Cruz on Friday, March 25, 2016

One of the women named in the report, former Cruz communications director Amanda Carpenter, was asked about the report on CNN.

“What’s out there is tabloid trash. It’s categorically false. You should be ashamed for spreading this smut,” she told Boston Herald columnist Adriana Cohen, who brought up the report.

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Another of the alleged “mistresses” named in the Enquirer article is Donald Trump’s spokeswoman, Katrina Pierson. She took to Twitter to slam the story.

What's worse? People who actually believe the trash in tabloids, or the ones who know it's false &spread it anyway? #stupidity on all levels

March 25, 2016

Of course the National Enquirer story is 100% FALSE!!! I only speak to myself, however.

Carry on...

March 25, 2016

Trump issued a statement denying any part in the story’s publication and said he had yet to even read the story. “I have nothing to do with the National Enquirer and unlike Lyin’ Ted Cruz I do not surround myself with political hacks and henchmen and then pretend total innocence,” said Trump. “Ted Cruz’s problem with the National Enquirer is his and his alone.”

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